10 Most Popular Natural Stones Silver Ring for 2021

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Silver rings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can wear. You can either get a simple design or one with a natural stone, and you can match them with nearly any outfit on any given day. This gorgeous piece of jewelry should never be missing from your casket or jewelry box.

As silver is one of the most reflective metals, it spectacularly shines whenever you wear it. The silver ring can feature any natural stone, contrasting with other metals that don’t mesh well with other precious and semi-precious stones. It isn’t more durable or resistant to scratches and impacts than white gold or platinum ring alternatives, but it’s cheaper and easier to maintain.

Natural stone silver jewelry has many benefits, but a particular downside is that silver tarnishes. However, you can easily clean the jewelry by yourself. Pay a little attention and clean away the stain as soon as you notice it. This way, you can maintain the silver ring’s luster for a couple of decades.

Because of how versatile this jewelry is, you can wear it on formal and informal occasions, but it naturally depends on your ring’s design. Sporting a highly reflective natural stone silver ring attracts attention, so it’s best left for special events. On the other hand, you can use a simple ring featuring a not so reflective gemstone any time.

Regardless of your preference, many natural stone silver jewelry designs are currently trending, so here are 10 of the most popular natural stone silver rings for 2021. If you want to look gorgeous and stay up with the times, consider getting one of these!

Amethyst Silver Ring

The amethyst is part of the quartz family, and it’s famous for its notorious purple shades. It can range from a light lavender shade to a deep purple color. This stone may present one or two secondary colors, blue and red, and the ideal gemstone grade is known as Siberian amethyst, which has 15 to 20 percent of blue and red hues.

If you want to get a beautiful-looking silver ring, investing in a high-clarity amethyst is an excellent idea. The clearer it is, the fewer blemishes you can see inside and on the natural stone’s surface. It also makes it more brilliant as it reflects more light on it. Pick the setting that best suits you, occasionally give it a heat treatment to enhance its color, and give it regular care.

Lapis Lazuli Silver Rings

Another bright-colored natural stone that’s currently on trend is a lapis lazuli ring. It’s a semi-precious natural stone composed of three minerals: calcite, pyrite, and lazurite. The calcite generates white lines and small spots on the gemstone, and the pyrite provides the lapis lazuli with its signature gold specks. Lastly, lazurite is what gives the natural stone its beautiful blue hue.

It’s the variable ratios of these minerals that make each lapis lazuli stone unique. Some cultures link this stone with truth and wisdom, most likely due to its coloring. Other cultures also believe that lapis lazuli brings wealth and prosperity to the wearer thanks to its gold specks.  This connection is what makes it famous, especially in Chinese geomancy.

The deep blue of this natural stone can complement other light-hued gemstones such as rose quartz. It isn’t the hardest material, reaching only five on the Mohs hardness scale, so a lapis lazuli silver ring can chip and scratch if you don’t treat it with care.

Sponge Coral Silver Ring

Sponge coral is a unique piece of jewelry that comes In several varieties. This little soft stone comes from polyps that don’t entirely close their sponge coral structure, and they get their distinguished appearance from these openings.

A good sponge coral stone presents a vibrant orange-red color, while high-quality ones have some yellow streaks in them. Lower-quality sponges have a brown hue or more prominent yellow spots, but they’re still considerably beautiful in silver ring designs, even if they aren’t as valued.

Onyx Silver Ring

Onyx was a popular gemstone way back in the early 1900s, and It’s currently making its way back into contemporary jewelry designs. This black natural stone is an elegant piece of jewelry that can add a creative touch to your look, as it looks gorgeous on a silver ring and goes well with many outfits and other jewelry pieces. It’s also significantly durable, reaching a seven on the Mohs hardness scale, making it great for everyday use and easy to clean.

Rose Quartz Silver Ring

Rose quartz has a delicate shade of pink and a lovely radiant luster. It’s a popular choice among modern jewelry and natural stone lovers, and nowadays, designers pair it with other semi-precious stones to make contemporary silver rings. Jewelry pieces that use it are beautiful, affordable, and durable. This makes it an excellent silver ring choice, and with its seven on the Mohs scale, it can resist scratches more than other natural stones.

Turquoise Silver Ring

Turquoise is another natural stone that has been present in fashion jewelry and cocktail rings for a long time, but recently designers began to include it in luxurious designs. This matte blue stone that was mainly cut in a cabochon setting now even sees use in some rings along with diamonds, further elevating its heterogenous feel.

Tiger Eye Silver Ring

The tiger’s eye is a chatoyant natural stone that has a red-brown hue and a smooth shine. Although they’re usually brown, you can find ones that have red and yellow tones. It’s also part of the quartz family.

This stone has seen considerable use since ancient times due to its unique appearance. Egyptians, in particular, used it to make the eyes for their gods’ statues, as they believed it to be some form of an all-seeing eye. A tiger eye silver ring has a considerably alluring look, and some designs indeed resemble a feline’s eye.

Larimar Silver Ring

Larimar is a rare blue pectolite variety. Its stunning blue color results from the presence of calcium within the stone. The color can vary from white and light-blue hues to a deep blue and green-blue shade. These swirling white bands on jewelry mimic the waves of the crystal clear Caribbean waters. As the stone is considerably soft, you have to take conscious care of it, as it can be easily scratched or damaged.

Rhodonite Silver Ring

This gemstone takes its name from the Greek word “Rhodón,” which means rose, and for a long time, people have valued it as an ornamental stone. The striking rosy pink rhodonite isn’t an entirely common material, and its hue can occasionally present some black inclusions of manganese oxide. However, these can leave some interesting formations in the natural stone. Because of them, you can pair the rhodonite silver ring with other black natural stone silver rings such as onyx or obsidian.

Pink Opal Silver Ring

Pink opals are a natural stone that, as its name implies, comes from the common opal. The stone is relatively rare and is only present in the Andes mountains of Peru. It’s generally opaque, and it doesn’t have the same intensity as other precious opals. However, the various hues of pink and white shades make it a wonderful gemstone to use in jewelry designs. It’s even more alluring in rings, especially if it presents some impurities to give it a unique, beautiful appearance.

Silver rings are a perfect gift for yourself or for someone else, and choosing the right stone can really make the silver shine