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Why Antique Jewelry is the next best thing

As some people may say, vintage never gets old. The attraction to old fashioned items is one of the things that has been part of our culture for centuries. Objects such as classic cars, classic master paintings, and first edition books are only a few examples of items passed down through generations and are still considered significant, beautiful, and valuable pieces of the collection. People tend to like these items because of the idea that they do not make things like that anymore nowadays.

Jewelry is not an exception to this. There is something magical about old fashioned jewelry accompanied by extraordinary beauty and elegance. All these components make antique style jewelry an excellent investment when it comes to provoking in everyone a sense of high class. If you want to enhance your most formal outfits, investing in antique style jewelry is the best choice for you.

However, some people may still be skeptical about how oxidized silver jewelry, or an antique gold necklace can be a better option than brand-new and modern jewelry styles. That is why we bring you this list of five reasons you should purchase antique or vintage style jewelry.


Many people and jewelry collectors can understand how there is a mystical beauty and a romantic essence in these pieces, impossible to replicate today. Antique and vintage jewelry have such iconic designs with so many details that it is difficult to recreate and portray them in new jewelry. What makes old fashioned jewelry extraordinarily outstanding is that usually, hand-made jewelry done by experienced craftsmen give a lot of attention to details. Brand-new and modern jewelry manufacturing techniques are incomparable to those of the ancient world and give a subtle sparkle to each piece. Also, their characteristic luxury has not aged through time.

Excellent Market Value

Did you know that all antique jewelry pieces sometimes tax exempt? It means that every time you want to buy some old-fashioned jewelry, you should pay 20% less than the same piece made brand-new. There are no manufacturing costs to take into account in the price of the jewelry item. It means that with old jewelry, you are purchasing equal quality gemstones and materials without having to pay an extra cost due to the seller’s overhead. Many antique jewelry sellers are small businesses that sell their stuff online to avoid high-priced retail quotes.

Better Quality 

Most of the time, antique jewelry used to be hand-made or at least hand-finished. Even in custom-made high-end modern jewelry pieces, it is almost impossible to match the quality level of antique jewelry. In the past, artisans took a long time to create custom jewelry pieces for wealthy customers. As a result, all the hand-made pieces were often more refined than the best jewelry pieces made in factories nowadays.

Antique Jewelry is Unique

Unlike modern jewelry pieces, antique jewelry was not mass-produced until people have been trying to replicate it during more recent years, so if you buy authentic antique jewelry pieces, there are chances that you never find a duplicate.