Birthstones and Their Meanings


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Birthstones are precious gems that are associated with a specific month of birth. During the good old days, each gemstone had a different meaning, and it was thought that these meanings held true to its wearer.

All of these gems have various characteristics, and each of them have certain qualities that are supposed to improve the lives of the person who wears them. People around the world still believe in the power of gemstones for healing, improving the mood, and more. They believe that these stones have certain powers, and this, of course, extends to birthstones.

Meaning of Birthstones

The origin of birthstones is clearly illustrated in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and they are differentiated through colors. According to Exodus, Aaron the priest wore a unique breastplate that had 12 gemstones. The gemstones represented the 12 tribes of Israel.

Also in the Book of Revelations, the 12 gemstones became part of the new foundation of the new Jerusalem. As time went by, the astrologers attributed each of the 12 gemstones to the 12 months of the year and also the 12 zodiac signs.

Ancient astrologers believed that each of the gemstones had powerful healing powers and protection against evil spirits to the people born on the respective month of each gemstone. This is why they are called the birthstones today.

Below, you can find more information about wearing birthstones.

Birthstone Silver Earrings

Birthstone silver earrings are a popular choice to show off the stone that represents you and the month you were born in. Wearing these earrings is a subtle, but effective way to display a birthstone. You can choose all different types of silver earrings depending on your personal style. These also make perfect gifts for the special people in your life.

Garnet Silver Earrings

Garnet is one of the most stunning birthstones. Choosing garnet silver earrings is a perfect way to display this beautiful gem. In days of old, the legend was that garnets offered protection from nightmares and gave the wearer guidance during the night, especially for those born in January. The garnet gemstones are red, which symbolize faith, love, and courage. Wearing garnet silver earrings protects your children from nightmares and also promotes self-esteem. It increases energy levels and protects the heart and lungs.

Shape: Polyhedrons

Month: January

Amethyst Silver Earrings

Amethyst silver earrings are a way for people to display this stunning purple gemstone, and it was assigned for the month of February. This gemstone represents passion, hope, and loyalty. It calms the spirit and enhances focus to all February babies. Wearing these silver earrings protects you from arthritis, illness, and drunkenness.

Amethyst earrings guard the mind and set the person wearing them free from passion. This stone also has the power to overcome any kind of problem and boosts love relationships.

Shape: Many shapes available, and many shades of purple are found.

Month: February

Aquamarine Silver Earrings

It is believed that Aquamarine protected seafarers and helped them remember their loved ones when they were far apart while at sea. Currently, wearing these birthstone silver earrings promotes creativity, hope, self-expression, and courage. It also boosts love, youth, good health, and overall happiness.

Aquamarine birthstones also protect both expectant mothers and the unborn child from harm. This is the birthstone of March, and the beautiful blue green color of this gemstone is sure to catch the eye.

Shape: Pear

Month: March

Diamond Earrings

Traditionally, diamonds were symbols of love and courage during the times of ancient Greece and are the representative gemstones for April babies. It protects wearers from insanity, and it is believed that diamond earrings increase energy (both negative and positive). This birthstone treats dizziness and vertigo. It can also detoxify the body and cure allergies.

Shape: Crystal-shaped is common, but often barrel-shaped, prisms with flat ends, and sometimes bipyramidal

Month: April

Emerald Earrings

Emerald earrings are emerald gemstones. It is believed that it can cure specific alignments, and it is said that emeralds help you to see into the future. This gemstone promotes health, fertility, faithfulness, and wealth. It also reportedly possesses magical qualities that curb illness.

The best thing about this gemstone is that it detoxifies the liver and improves health and wellness. It can heal sinus infections and eye problems.

Shape: round, octagon, pear, and oval

Month: May

Pearl Earrings

Wearing a pearl earring symbolizes modesty and purity. It comes from the pearl gemstone that protects against nervous and anxious thoughts and controls anger. It is medically proven that pearls can treat digestive problems, increase fertility, and ease labor pains. Pearls treat the nervous system, pancreas, and spleen disorders.

Shape: It has a dazzling array of shapes

Month: June

Ruby Earrings 

Ruby gemstones are well known for protecting against misfortune and allow the wearer to live in peace and harmony with others. They are red, symbolizing strength and courage, and they support emotional health to the wearer. The gemstones remove negative energies from the path of the wearers and treat exhaustion and lethargy.

Shape: Round

Month: July

Peridot Silver Earrings

Peridots are gemstones that bring courage, wealth, wisdom, and purity to all the wearers in August. It is light green to help you relieve stress and calms your anger. It also protects wearers from evil, negativity, and black magic. These gemstones boost the immune system and improve the quality of your skin.

Shape: Round, oval pear, cushion, triangle, and marquise shapes

Month: August

Sapphire Earrings

Exquisite sapphire gemstones have a popular imagination that symbolize truth and protection for children born in September. The sapphire gemstones are blue, bringing success to all the wearers.

These gemstones reduce pain and demonstrate purity, serenity, loyalty, and faith to all who wear them. It is well known to treat blood disorders and too much bleeding.

Shape: Oval, convex dome, round, cushion, and emerald.

Month: September

Opal Earring

It is said that opal gemstones soothe sadness and envy for those born in October. Opal can strengthen the memory and increase the will to live to all who wear them.

Shape: Round

Month: October

Tourmaline Earrings

This gemstone makes October babies resistant to breaking and scratching. Tourmaline and opal possess healing power and therapeutic qualities and symbolize hope, creativity, and innocence.

Tourmaline earrings relieve stress and increase mental alertness.

Shape: Conchoidal, spherical, rounded triangular cross-sectional

Month: October

Citrine Silver Earrings

Citrine birthstones are traditionally known for warding off evil thoughts and poisonous snakes. Currently, these gemstones represent cheer for November children. It brings prosperity and success to anyone wearing it, and it increases intellectual musings and gets rid of negativity from the wearers.

In November, topaz also complements its brown shades, orange and yellow.

Topaz and citrine protect their wearers from negative influence and promotes health and wellness of mind and body.

Shape: heart-shaped gemstone

Month: November

Blue Zircon Silver Earrings

This birthstone is commonly known for providing wisdom, honor, and riches for December babies. Every birthstone for December has healing power.

Shape: Round

Month: December


Some things happen by coincidence, but you tend to assume everything is normal; maybe they occurred due to the earrings that have your unique birthstones. Going through this article can give you great insight into your birthstones, zodiac signs, and how they affect the kind of jewelry you wear.