Handmade Men’s Statement Rings: A Trend Right Now

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Handmade jewelry has been highly popular lately. The makers have to put a lot of love and attention into the pieces, and each one is unique. Art is infused into each masterpiece, and then you can wear it and be proud of such an item. Men generally don’t focus on jewelry, but statement rings are one way to draw attention to your hands and tie together an outfit.

Natural stone rings are one of the most popular options right now for a variety of reasons. Learning more about them can help you decide if a statement ring is the right choice for you.

Not Mass Produced

The natural stones are, of course, produced by the earth. You want to ensure that the stone is authentic, which means that it wasn’t created in a lab. However, sometimes, rings are labeled as handmade when machines are used to saw, carve, solder, or shape them. That’s not the definition of a handmade item.

You want the maker to do all the work themselves without the help of machines. Of course, tools will be needed to shape and cut the metal, but they’re all hand tools.

Value, Not Cost

One issue most men face is the expense of having a statement ring made with natural stones. The time it takes to create each piece is extensive. You can expect to pay a higher price for your rings because of that. Sometimes, days or weeks will go into designing and creating a piece of jewelry for one person.

High-Quality Materials

Usually, handmade men’s statement rings are made using the highest-quality materials possible. Mass-produced products are likely to have a variety of metals and alloys in various quantities. You may never know what’s in the item. However, handmade item materials are often sourced from reputable suppliers.


It can’t be overlooked that handmade jewelry is often more sustainable. The makers often have specific ideas in mind when making their pieces. They want to choose ethically-sourced materials. This, of course, means it is likely to cost more. However, you know that the maker didn’t take the easy path and choose a cheap provider with shady sources.

Quality of the Piece

Handmade statement rings for men are often higher in quality because of small scale production. The maker can control and track the process from beginning to end. Natural stone rings are going to be worth more, but they will also look more handsome when you wear them. Therefore, it might be best to jump on the bandwagon and purchase a statement ring that’s handmade.