The Handmade Silver Jewelry Designs that are Going to Make That Special Someone Smile

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There’s little out there that can compare to the feeling you get from receiving a handmade piece of jewelry.


As the son of a professional Jeweler, I’ve been around jewelry and watches all my life. Therefore, when I tell you I’ve never seen my mother love a gift more than a handmade silver ring my father gave her, you know I’m telling the truth.

Now, you’re not going to have the skills or the tools to create a master-crafted ring yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a handmade piece of jewelry for that special someone, even if that someone is you (I’m not going to judge, we all deserve to love ourselves more).

Handmade Silver Jewelry for that Special Someone

I’m assuming that most of you are going to be looking for some handmade silver jewelry for your lover.

If we’re talking about design, there’s nothing more effective than a traditional heart. It looks nice, and it gets the message across.

You don’t have to be so cliché, though. There are other symbols of affection like a rose or a sunflower. Alternatively, you can go the extra mile and get them some handmade jewelry of something that they like. This works especially well if the person you’re buying for isn’t your partner.

For your partner, though, it can add that extra bit of thought that often means more than the ring itself. For example, I commissioned a custom wolf’s head ring for my wolf-loving girlfriend. When she saw the ring, the look on her face was something that I’m never going to forget. She loved it more than any other gift I’ve ever given her, and that’s saying something because I brought her to London to see Hamilton in 2019.

If you’re looking for the best quality you can get, you want to look for 925 silver. 925 silver is made up of 92.5% silver sterling and 7.5% from other alloys. This is usually copper, but it’s not unheard of for other metals to be used.

925 silver is the industry standard for quality, so that’s what you should be shopping for if you’re looking for handmade silver jewelry.

There are a lot of fake sellers claiming that the silver each one is selling is 925, but you’re going to want to verify this if you can.

Only buy from trusted and reputable jewelers. Otherwise, you risk being ripped off and sold silver that is going to age extremely poorly.

You Could Make it Yourself

If you want homemade silver jewelry, the only option that most of you have is buying it from a jeweler. However, any try-guys or girls out there can also buy the equipment to make it themselves.

It’s going to cost a decent bit of cash, and the jewelry is definitely not going to be as nice as if it was professionally made, but unless it’s an engagement ring, your partner is probably going to love it even more.

Just be aware that you also have to buy, shape, and cut the silver yourself, so do your research before you commit down this path. People train their entire lives to make jewelry for a reason.