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Turquoise jewelry has become a popular commodity among many people over the last several years.

At first glance, you can spot a tad of green mixed with blue to give its unique color. It is available for sale in department and arts and craft stores, but handmade turquoise jewelry is crafted and sold by individuals that dedicate time to making them.

Brushing Up on Turquoise History

Turquoise is a stone that has been used throughout centuries. Its first use dates back to a time when Egyptians used the stone as jewelry for wisdom. Kings and other notable people of power have worn turquoise jewelry to signify stature and importance, but also wisdom. The turquoise gem has been and still is used among a number of indigenous people as it is believed that the stone harbors the power and ability to heal people, increase intelligence, boost confidence, and repair friendships and other relationships.

Is Turquoise Expensive?

The value of turquoise gems has declined significantly because of their availability to everyone who wants access to it. You can find and access artificial turquoise stones just about anywhere these days. Authentic turquoise gemstones are used in handcrafted jewelry as well. These stones can still max out at $1000 per stone. Whichever you choose to use for creating handmade turquoise jewelry, this does not take away from the beauty of the stone.

Since turquoise is a popular gem on the market and in the fashion world, there are imitations of the jewelry that are sold for high prices. With this knowledge, it is important to know the difference between real turquoise and imitation stones.

Are You Searching for Turquoise Earrings?

Turquoise earrings are beautifully handcrafted jewelry that accentuates any outfit regardless of color. These earrings are available as studs or dangle from the earlobe. They are also available in different shapes and sizes, and each may have its own unique design patterns on the turquoise stone itself. Turquoise silver earrings are crafted using silver wires used to form hoops and other loops the earrings may have. This fine, handcrafted jewelry is sold at many different locations. It is also sold at various prices depending on authenticity, size, and the merchant selling it.

A Turquoise Pendant is a Beautiful Choice of Jewelry

If you are interested in pendants, no other necklace compares to the turquoise pendant. These pendants dangle from a chain that hangs from the neck. Turquoise silver pendants typically stay in place, especially if you are not overly active. They too have interesting patterns on the surface of the gem. Turquoise pendants are available in a variety of lengths depending on your preference.

Opt for a Turquoise Ring

The turquoise ring makes for a beautiful accent piece. Since we use our hands to speak frequently, it would be hard to miss such a beautiful stone like the turquoise on your finger. These rings come in a multitude of sizes and are sold at various prices depending on the merchant as well. Turquoise ring patterns range from having zigzagging lines to simply having the turquoise hue only and nothing else. If you find that your desired turquoise silver ring is too small or too large, sizing is usually available to make sure that you finally have the perfect ring.

Can’t Go Wrong with a Turquoise Bracelet

A turquoise bracelet makes a huge fashion statement. To make the turquoise bracelet, a sheet of silver needs to be cut. Sheets of silver can be cut into different sizes and shapes. The thickness of the silver sheet, like other aspects of this jewelry, makes a difference in whether the bracelet is comfortable or not. A space designated for the stone, or bevel, is also needed to place the turquoise stone so that it is secure within the bracelet.

While bracelets make great accessories, it is wise to note that sweating may occur beneath sheets of silver that do not have noticeable spaces designed for breathability.

What Pairs Well with Turquoise?

Turquoise is one of those colors that pair well with anything. Typically, brighter and bold colors are what the gem is seen paired with. Turquoise pairs with black by default as black is another one of those colors that pair with anything as well. Turquoise and brown has started to pick up the pace as far s trends are concerned.

The next time you find yourself interested in purchasing a unique item of turquoise jewelry, keep a few things in mind. Turquoise is found anywhere. Perhaps your neighbor is selling the jewelry. Mom and Pop stores may sell turquoise jewelry as well. When purchasing turquoise jewelry, keep a lookout for imitation jewelry that may resemble actual turquoise. This is especially if you are looking to buy authentic turquoise jewelry.

Brighter and bold colors are the better colors accentuated by turquoise jewelry. Again, turquoise goes great with many other colors. So long as the jewelry is not overdone, you can bring any outfit together.

If it is less about fashion and more about spirituality, this gem is the perfect stone to gift family, friends, and loved ones. You or someone you know may experience an improvement in your mood. If you are hurt it may provide healing energy to you. You might even have a boost in