Oval Silver pendant with natural Charoite stone

This pendant is a beautiful oval-shaped silver pendant with a lovely Charoite stone in the middle. The Charoite stone is a stone with a purplish-pink color, and it has a similar luster to the gemstone Peridot. It is very rare to find a Charoite stone this large, so this pendant is especially valued. The pendant is one of our most elegant, with a sophisticated oval shape. The Charoite stone looks gorgeous against the silver.

Charoite is a black or red variety of Agate, which is a mineral that forms in layers in the ground. Agate is most often found in the form of hexagonal, flattened striated plates. Agate was believed to have protective powers, giving it the name “the stone of protection,” so it was used in amulets and talismans, which were believed to protect the wearer from harm. It was used in the ancient world for healing purposes too.

For those that love the look of a chunky silver pendant but don’t want something that looks like a large chunk of metal stuck to their neck, the oval pendant is an elegant choice. Made from silver, the oval pendant is a beautiful design, and it’s very versatile as well. You can wear it as a necklace, wear it as a single pendant, or even as a pair. There are very few designs out there that can match the oval pendant’s versatility and stunning appearance.