Oval Silver Pendant With Pink Opal Stone

The oval silver pendant with pink opal is a beautiful and unique piece made to highlight the beauty of the opal stone.

This style of pendant is a popular choice for brides looking to add a little sparkle to their wedding day.

The oval stone adds a subtle, elegant touch to any outfit and the delicate finish of the silver makes the pendant a stunning addition to any wardrobe.

The opal stone gives the pendant a blue-green hue and a soft, almost iridescent quality. The stone’s unique color and texture create a truly remarkable piece for a bride-to-be.

This oval pendant features a lovely opal stone.

The oval pendant with a pink opal stone is a symbol that has been used in cultures for thousands of years to represent the eternal feminine.

The oval shape gives this pendant womanly appeal, while the pink opal stone emphasizes the feminine aspect.

The pink opal stone is a rare gemstone that preserves a rainbow of colors when it is cut. The warmth and playfulness of the pink opal stone are a reflection of the eternal feminine.

Oval silver pendant with pink opal stone can also be called an Oval pendant with pink opal stone is an oval shaped pendant with an opal stone set in it. The stone is pink.

It looks like the opal is embedded in the silver. Both the stones are the same color.