Oval silver pendant with Sponge Coral

Oval silver pendants are different from the traditional round silver pendants.

The difference lies in the size of the stone. Oval pendants are circular in shape, while regular round pendants are oval.

Another way of saying it is oval pendants are round pendants that have been turned on their side.

The main reasons you might consider purchasing an oval-shaped pendant are that it is more elegant while being round pendants are simpler.

Oval silver pendant with sponge coral is a type of silver pendant. It is called an “oval” pendant because of its shape.

The oval shape is a bit like a circle or an oval with a small part cut out and is characteristic of the shape of the silver pendant.

Oval silver pendant with sponge coral is a unique-looking silver pendant that is good for daily wear.

“Oval Silver Pendant with Sponge Coral” is one of the most interesting and unique silver pendants for sale on the internet.

This sterling silver necklace is a combination of pendant and coral. The coral is a soft and flexible animal that is found only in coral reefs.

The coral is very popular with divers and can also be seen in aquariums and marine parks.

The uniqueness of the coral is that it is not an animal and is made of a semi-translucent and rather porous material called sponges.