Silver Ring Leaf Design with Turquoise Stone

Silver Ring Leaf Design with Turquoise Stone

Silver ring leaf design with Turquoise stone would be a remarkable addition to your everyday wardrobe. This is made from lead and nickels free 925 silver and genuine turquoise gemstone. Oxidized finish with lead design helps you look classy and sophisticated.

This ring comes with a jewelry box, makes it an ideal present for your loved ones, wife, or friends in any special event. Turquoise is the mystical birthstone for the month of December and also the birthstone for those who were born under Leo. This is considered a healing stone and is utilized to cure diseases and make your kidneys and heart stronger. This can also reduce anxiety and stress as well as neurological disorders.

Turquoise is associated with removing apathy to boost eyesight as well as to make sure a good night’s sleep. This is said to eliminate negative thoughts, sharpening your wits as well as promoting spiritual inspiration.

This stunning ring is made to last; however, proper care is vital for keeping this ring looking its best. Make sure not to wear this ring while cleaning as well as working with harsh chemicals or when playing sports. Store individually or separately to keep it from damage and scratching.