Silver Ring Rodium Plated - NRB2020-SPC

Silver Ring Leaf Design with Sponge Coral Stone

If you want a ring that is unique, bold, inspires and one of a kind that will take you from casual to formal without needing to change, then this silver ring leaf design with sponge coral stone is for you.

The silver ring leaf design with Sponge coral stone is a piece of exceptional jewelry and a perfect addition to your everyday getup. This allows you to express your personality and persona. Available in various sizes, you will surely find one suitable to you or the receiver.

Coral comes from the sea and is renowned for being a shaman subtlety’s stone. This sign of delight and felicity has an array of shades. This helps the wearer to enjoy life to the fullest. The expert believed that it is related to Mars because of its fiery red suffuse. A coral silver ring helps out to appear the feelings of a wearing being that assists in bringing peace within. It is also renowned for invoking insight power, eye, mind as well as visualization. This stone also possesses creative energy that, on the other hand, endows the wearer with artistic and intuitive energies.

This ring design comes in several stones