Triple Oval Sponge Coral Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Triple Oval Sponge Coral Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Are you looking for a stunning silver earrings that you can use to any event to look stylish and exquisite. If so, look no further than our oval sponge coral silver earrings. These sterling silver polished earrings include three red sponge coral. They descend in dimension from fixed hoods to the bottom. Each is resin glazed as well as silver trimmed.

This is a premium quality earring with a stunning and exquisite design. Our oval sponge coral silver earrings are resin glazed for toughness as well as durability. This will make an ideal gift for your parents, girlfriends, and housewife. Women will surely stand out from the rest wearing these stunning earrings. This is a good addition to your jewelry collections.

The fact that coral is of natural origin, its most vital function is to connect you with nature and her blessing. Coral’s tender energy is the main thing that draws you to this stone over and over again. This will teach you the principle of receiving and giving. It can improve your intuition, tact, imagination as well as visualization. This also assists you in acquiring knowledge of the higher worlds.

Oval sponge Coral silver earrings are must-have jewelry for every woman who wants to stands out from the crowd.