Sterling Silver Round French Wire Earrings with Round Sugilite

Sterling Silver Round French Wire Earrings with Round Sugilite

This is an elegant and stunning pair of earrings that features Sugilite stone. The purple gemstones are set as well as accented with a sterling silver wire. These earrings are hanged on silver wire and packages in a gift box. These stunning earrings are a pretty and attractive option for the lady who is inspired by the beautiful and powerful creations of nature.

Each piece is made with similar wirework techniques and similar size as well as stone quality. There’ll be a natural differences in patterns and colors of the gems and variations because of the handcrafted nature, making sure that it is unique and exceptional.

Sugilite is a purple to a pinkish gem that was described first in 1944 in Japan. It is believed as a very powerful gemstone to assist you in freeing from the past. These can assists you move on in a good and positive manner.

Each piece of jewelry has a non-tarnish strip that avoids tarnishing by absorbing and trapping sulfides and other air pollutants. It is stored in a covered bag with jewelry to avoid tarnishing. This stone shouldn’t be cleaned or discolor in a silver cleaner as some discoloration can be eliminated with cloths.