Silver Jewelry Trends – Why Pair Natural Stones with Silver?

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“Grand” and “eye-catching” are the two top buzz words used when people focus on jewelry selections this year. According to forecasters, handmade silver jewelry with natural stones is the top choice. The question is why, and the answer might surprise you.

Natural Stone Comeback

While hard stones might not be the novel trend right now, people are remixing them to be a brand-new thing. Color splashing on the runway (wearing bold colors both in clothing and jewelry) is where it’s all at right now.

There are plenty of sightings with a silver pendant with lapis lazuli stone, quartz, and many others. Hard stones are the perfect solution for natural stone jewelry trends to help people feel stylish and polished.

Multi-colored jewelry is also on-trend right now, which is easy to do with a silver pendant with Roman glass. You can have just about any shade of the rainbow to brighten your day and match your outfit.

However, mismatched stones with bright coloring offer a contemporary take on the classic appearance of such jewelry.

With so many natural stones out there, as well as minerals, you can create a spiritual and mystic style. Many people claim that wearing natural stones in their jewelry offer strength and healing while promoting balance and calm in their lives. Even if this isn’t true, you may still feel powerful and more confident because of it, so there’s really no reason not to consider a silver pendant with various natural stones inside.

Over-accessorizing Is In

One of the biggest trends for 2021 is to over-accessorize everything. Having large bags, huge sunglasses, and tons of jewelry are the go-to ways to spruce up a wardrobe. Many people may have put on a few extra pounds or been sitting more often with everything going on in the world.

Since so many people are out of shape, they need a way to make them feel good about themselves until they can slim down and look great. Therefore, tons of accessories are the way to go. Picking a silver pendant with Larimar is an excellent example. This stone looks highly sophisticated, but you can dress it down or up with the clothing you choose.

Wear a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt to create a mismatched feel, or head out for a night on the town in designer clothing to bring a touch of color to the mix.

Plus, many people are still working from home, but that doesn’t mean pajamas are a valid option. Though you may wear the bottoms, it’s best to get dressed up, at least to the waist. Many women, for instance, continue to wear jewelry because it makes them feel feminine and put together. Handmade silver jewelry with natural stones is the best way to go.

The shimmer of the silver pendant with the coloring of the stone makes it irresistible. While you aren’t going to take away from the meeting, others are sure to feel that you put in a bit more effort before signing in. This can make you and everyone else feel good to provide a great start to the day.

The Silver Pendant Trend

Silver jewelry comes and goes, with most people either loving or hating it. While nothing can take the place of gold, silver has a more sophisticated and modern feel to it.

Yellow gold is always fashionable, and some might call it classic, but now you can embrace your silver jewelry again. Though you may have been wearing it all this time, now, the fashionistas of the world officially say it’s in.

Consider going out and buying a silver pendant with lapis lazuli stone sparkles. The deep color of the natural stone pairs well with almost anything. Plus, the touch of silver helps it stand out. Whether you choose a pendant that merely borders the stone or has intricate designs all around it, you’re sure to appreciate how this silver pendant makes you feel and look.

Though you can continue wearing your favorite silver items, now is the time to go out and get something new. Handmade silver jewelry with natural stones is more than just a pretty necklace. You know that someone spent many hours working on the piece, and it’s unique for you.

While there may be other similar pendants out there, yours is a unique testament to what called to you when you bought it.

If dark stones aren’t your thing, that’s all right! You can get a silver pendant with Larimar. This stone is a pastel blue, and some people accidentally call it aquamarine by mistake. Depending on where the stone was sourced, it might be bright with swirls or more matte in appearance. Regardless, it’s going to look amazing on your neck!

The last trend for silver pendants is Roman glass. A silver pendant with Roman glass has so many variables. While traditional ones often have ancient carving replicas to signify the era, others are more modern. Traditionally, blue and white swirls were the top colors found.

However, modern Roman glass can come in any color of the rainbow (and beyond). This is highly practical because you can buy handmade silver jewelry with natural stones in each shade to match any outfit you may wear.

Some of the colors may go well with multiple outfits, giving you plenty of ways to wear the jewelry. Though you may not be going out as much as you used to, putting a pendant over your head can help you feel more connected to your past adventures and gives you a sense of style.

Issues with Silver


Many people dislike silver jewelry, and there are particular reasons for that. Most of the time, it’s less expensive, and people naturally associate it as being inferior.


However, low-quality and low-price shouldn’t go together. Typically, “cheap” jewelry indicates that it was made with inferior materials and may include very little silver. On top of that, it could fall apart or cause green rings.

The goal for most people is to find products made to last and be durable. Mass-production often means the quality is there, but there’s no personalization, and sometimes, that’s not what you want!

When you choose handmade silver jewelry with natural stones, though, you don’t have to worry as much. The person making the pendant is careful and spends enough time to do it well.

You don’t have to go to a fine jewelry brand and are sure to spend more for “excessive” pieces. Instead, you want your individuality to show, and handmade options are the best choice.

They may not be the least expensive on the market, but you do know who made them, and the pieces often come with a guarantee of some sort.

Is This All There Is?

Most people fear that silver jewelry is the only option. Though there are other trends, this one seems to be a top choice among all jewelry wearers. Don’t worry; if a silver pendant isn’t your thing, wear what you feel comfortable with.

For those who like to be the first on-trend, handmade silver jewelry with natural stones is the way to go. There are many options to pick from, such as a silver pendant with lapis lazuli stone, a silver pendant with Roman glass, or a silver pendant with Larimar. Buy one or get them all so that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.