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Lots of people wear Larimar to their heart’s content, but have you ever heard of a silver ring with Larimar? Would you like to buy and wear one?

Silver Ring for The Beautiful YOU

Larimar silver rings are the ideal addition to the silver ring collection. This unique brand of silver rings with Larimar has an exclusive design that can be combined with other silver rings.

This pure silver ring with Larimar is rare and beautiful. It can be worn as a simple statement piece or as a more substantial investment. It is perfect for the person who doesn’t want to be seen as a basic or everyday person. This ring is as beautiful as is just as beautiful as the gold ring and serves as a sign of good luck and prosperity.

What does it mean if you were given silver rings?

Larimar is a rare gemstone found in small quantities all over the world. It is also called the “Ocean of Light” due to its pale green color. Larimar is known for its unique shimmering quality, which varies from the sun to the moon depending on the lighting. Due to this, it makes a popular gemstone for engagement rings.

Larimar silver rings are the perfect symbol of the love that is between two people. As such, it is an important piece of jewelry that is often given as a symbol of commitment and dedication. However, when the rings are made of silver, they are not just an accessory of love but of wealth and prosperity as well. For this reason, the rings are given with the intention that they will bring happiness and prosperity to the wearer.

What Is Extraordinary with Larimar?

Larimar is a rare, blue-green-hued stone found exclusively in the Dominican Republic. This exotic gemstone is known for its ability to enhance psychic awareness, promote harmonious relations, and balance the wearer’s life. It’s also a great stone for those who want to connect to the spiritual realms.

This beautiful blue healing stone is known for helping to balance the body, emotions, and mind. It is believed to help encourage peace, tranquility, and harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. The magic of Larimar is its ability to bring a person back to a peaceful state of mind, which can help one stay healthy, fit, and happy.

What Does the Larimar Stone Symbolize?

You can say that the Larimar stone has a lot of meanings. However, the most important and also the most easily recognized and accepted meaning is that it represents friendship and love. It is also believed that the stone has the power to bring good luck and to protect people. It is also said that it symbolizes love and beauty and the stone has the power to bring good luck and good balance.

Larimar has been known for its healing powers, and its healing properties have been reported from many different cultures throughout history. The stone has been known to soothe the soul, and the color of the stone has been a symbol of love and beauty for centuries.

Care Tips For Your Larimar Rings

Unfortunately, in today’s society, you can’t take something like a precious gem like Larimar and expect it to be safe when in the hands of the average person. Most people don’t know that Larimar is a very fragile stone when subjected to extreme heat and light. No worries, we have listed a few of the care tips for jewelry, especially for those that come along with larimar stones.

Check the following tips:

  • When you purchase a silver ring with a lovely piece of faceted Larimar or other precious stone, you want it to be not only beautiful but also very durable. To help, you should avoid leaving your ring in contact with lotions, hair, and perfume sprays, and gels. This way, your Larimar stone and silver setting will remain sparkling bright.
  • Keep the ring in a sealed box when not in use. When you’re not wearing your Larimar, place it in a sealed box. When you’re going to bed, place it in a sealed box.
  • The precious stone larimar has a natural hardness, so the crystal larimar is not easy to break. However, to maintain its beauty, it is recommended to wash or clean it with a soft cloth once a week. Making sure to use polishing or cleaning cloth for pieces of jewelry is highly recommended.
  • Cleaning can also be done using a soft brush with a few drops of mild soap and a cloth to remove the dirt from the silver setting.
  • When a piece of a precious stone is exposed to water, it will generally lose its brilliance. A type of rock called Larimar is known for this, and when exposed to water, the stones’ usually trademark greenness/blue is lost, turning them an ugly grayish color. And while most stones exposed to water will fade, not all of them will.
  • It has been proven that ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work effectively on Larimar. However, it is important to remember that ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are not designed to deep clean Larimar. This means the ultrasonic cleaner is most effective when used on jewelry that is already tarnished.
  • Larimar stones themselves have a beautiful iridescent sheen, but they are also known for being incredibly delicate. They are also susceptible to becoming scratched, so it’s important to know how to take care of them.
  • Intense heat, low oxygen, and salt water can quickly wear down a piece of Larimar jewelry. So, avoid having any type of jewelry, especially your Larimar silver rings, exposed to these elements to preserve its beauty.
  • The truth is that some Larimar rings are more delicate than others. The easiest way to protect your Larimar ring is to clean it gently with a soft cloth every few weeks, preferably after wearing it. Why? This will ensure that there is no dirt or oil that will be accumulated and might cause ruining the natural color of the stone.

Larimar is such a beautiful gem that it is hard to believe that it can be used as a jewelry stone. But it can be, and it has been used as a beautiful and precious stone for over a thousand years. But what can you do to take care of it? You can store your Larimar in a special pouch and keep it away from sunlight and water. And you should also avoid dropping your Larimar silver rings.