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Skull fashion trends

Fashion is build on trends , most trends comes for a season or even a year and then just disappear ,

Some trends are here to stay , the skull fashion trend is one of them ,

And it is only get into more and more popular in more and more styles and markets.

If in the past Skull symbol usually have been related to Gothic trends and Bikers style fashion

Nowadays you can find it almost every were

I just bought my five year old Son a very cool shirt with a skull on it , and guess what – he choose the shirt

What does the skull symbol related to ?

It is a sign of Mortality , that help us to remember that under all the make up and masks that we wear everyday

We are all the same with no differences .

More then that – As we all associate the skull symbol with death we all associate it with life and strength as well

As everyone can associate with the Skull symbol the fashion industry is using it in almost every style start from fashion of kids and cheapest quality accessories up to gold and diamond jewelry for the rich and famous.

The garment industry you can find start a simple T – Shirt , summer dresses , huts , and even a wedding dress 🙂 i have seen it with my own eyes .

Many designers that produce jewelry love to use the skull bead on there designs  you can find a lot of so called bohemian style bracelet with skull beads or Shambala Bracelets with the skull bead as the main concept of the design .

SO who wear the skull style designs ?

In the beginning the skull symbol was mainly fashionable with Gothic Audience and Bikers but not today.

It is now very common to see celebrities and fashion icons wear outfit that have a skull on it , more then that … it is even more often to see then wear accessories as Huts shoes and jewelry  bracelets, necklaces and ring all with skull designs .

More then that as i mentioned in the beginning of the article the skull became a mainstream  trend and you will see also young kids with a cool t shirt or a bracelet that was made specially for him.

Me ? all my designs are with skulls as i love the simplicity and beauty of it just as is.