Hand-Made Silver Jewelry Trends

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Handmade silver jewelry trend, why is that ?

Many people avoid buying hand-made silver jewelry because they believe it is too expensive. Other people think that it is not good quality because it is not pure gold, the standard of finery. We bring you this article to disprove those myths and misconceptions and tell you the reason you should start purchasing handmade jewelry. Actually, people usually associate silver jewelry with the upper-class for many years. That is where the phrase “silver spoon” comes from and is associated with luxury.

Handmade silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal alloys such as copper. It brings the tradition of luxury to jewelry. A common misconception is that many people believe handmade silver jewelry is only for earrings. And many others see it only as a cheaper alternative to white gold jewelry. However, handmade silver can be used in all types of existing jewelry to create appearances that can be both trendy and timeless. Modern jewelry designers are opting for the use of this noble metal because it is the perfect combination of malleability, beauty, and durability.

If you are looking for both everyday accessories or a piece of jewelry that never gets old, you can find handmade silver jewelry that fits your personal needs and tastes.

We invite you to keep reading to learn about a few reasons you should add handmade silver to your jewelry box.

  1. Handmade Silver Jewelry’s Incredible Durability

If you take care of your handmade silver jewelry correctly, it can last a lifetime. Many handmade silver jewelry owners claim that their pieces look the same even after decades of usage. However, you have to make sure you purchase them from established, reputable, and well-rated jewelry manufacturers so you can have the best quality products.

  1. It Is Perfect to Keep Up with Trends

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the newest trends of fashion and jewelry, then you know how good handmade silver jewelry is to match the looks you want to achieve.

Keeping up with what is outdated and what is the next thing can be exhausting. However, handmade silver jewelry’s popularity is so high that it is almost a fact that it will become trendy. The latest fashion designs can look good with a fine piece of handmade jewelry, especially if it is natural stone jewelry.

3. Wide Array of Options to Choose

Since silver is a soft metal, molding and experimentation are simple tasks for jewelers, which means that they are constantly creating new models of jewelry. With this wide array of designs, you can easily find the model that fits your taste and style better. There are thousands of options to look for, no matter if you want a locket, bracelet, silver pendant, or  silver ring. However, most people tend to purchase handmade silver earrings since they believe that it is the only jewelry item that can be made by hand, but now you can that just isn’t the case. Handmade silver jewelry comes in many perfect forms and is perfect for a gift or for yourself for any occasion.