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Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest natural gemstones in history.

Archeologists have found jewelry designs and artifacts with it at numerous historical sites, with some going back as far as 6,000 BC. The world’s leading source of this material is Afghanistan, both presently and in the past. Moreover, it’s also the highest-quality Lapis Lazuli you can find.

A bright-colored blue Lapis ring never goes out of trend, especially during summer, when people wear rich and colorful jewelry. This natural rock can make your jewelry pieces stand out from the rest, so keep reading to find out all you need to know about it!

What Is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock commonly considered a semi-precious stone. It consists of various minerals, including lazurite, pyrite, sodalite, and calcite. It has been prized since ancient times thanks to its gorgeous and intense deep blue color.

What gives the Lapis Lazuli its beautiful hue is the lazurite. Meanwhile, the pyrite imparts it with its signature gold specks. Lastly, calcite creates white marks and lines, but they shouldn’t be visible to the naked eye.

Although sodalite is also one of the primary components, it’s a blue mineral that mainly complements the lazurite. The different fractions of these minerals are what make each lapis lazuli unique.

However, not every Lapis Lazuli has this deep and vibrant blue color. Many stones present an appearance similar to faded denim due to the excessive presence of calcite. Nonetheless, it’s a subjective assessment as some might consider such a piece alluring.

Pyrite rarely appears in such abundance. It’s randomly scattered throughout the metamorphic rock in various quantities. Nonetheless, Lapis Lazuli gemstones that contain too much of either mineral might cause the stone’s value to plummet.

The Meaning Behind Lapis Lazuli

Sumerians believed that their gods’ spirits resided within the stone, while ancient Egyptians mainly saw it as a symbol of the starry night.

It is for this reason, since time immemorial, cultures have associated the Lapis Lazuli with courage, strength, royalty, wisdom, intellect, and truth. Some also believed that it could ward off evil. In ancient Egypt, people powdered it and wore it around the eyes to improve eyesight.

Nowadays, Hindu tradition considers it to be an aid that balances the brow chakra. This third-eye chakra influences vision and hearing. When it becomes imbalanced, it’s said that it causes anxiety, headaches, and skin disorders.

Furthermore, some people believe that wearing a Lapis Lazuli ring with several gold marks can bring prosperity and wealth to whoever wears it. The relationship to these elements makes it a prevalent stone in Feng Shui, where it can also create energies that protect the home.

Finally, Ayurvedic practitioners may recommend wearing a Lapis Lazuli necklace, as they believe the stone can heal the larynx and throat.

Is a Lapis Lazuli Expensive?

The price depends mainly on its clarity, quality of color, cut, and carat weight. By itself, Lapis Lazuli is an accessible semi-precious stone. The lowest quality stones can cost as little as a dollar per carat, while high-quality ones can reach as high as $100.

Wearing a Lapis Lazuli Ring

Each silver ring with Lapis Lazuli is unique. There is not a single pair that has the same pattern or hue. Some people even wear multiple rings to emphasize that they are inimitable. Additionally, many consider Lapis Lazuli jewelry to be a statement piece for both men and women.

Many designers have created a Lapis silver ring for men as apart from its rich color that’s easy to coordinate, some perceive it as a strong and hard gem. Therefore, they consider it masculine enough. Even so, Lapis Lazuli isn’t hard at all.

A vintage silver ring with lapis works best for women when contrasting it against a light canvas of metallic colors such as silver and white gold. The hues of these metals can bring out the most of the stone’s beautiful deep blue.

Still, you can pair it with other lightly colored clothes. A good example is white, as it can easily make the blue lapis ring stand out. Floral clothing also goes remarkably well with it. Moreover, it can complement gemstones with light hues such as rose quartz, citrine, and even diamonds. You can be creative in the way you pair the lapis lazuli with other semi-precious stones.

Some cultures that place value on the meaning of this semi-precious stone recommend wearing it on the middle finger of your dominant hand. They consider that this position is the most effective way to bring out its healing properties. Nonetheless, it’s up to you whether you take part in this custom.

Overall, the vintage style of a Lapis silver ring for women can bring the most out of vividly colored clothes, even more so if it has prominent gold specks.

Caring for a Blue Lapis Ring

Similar to turquoise and lazulite stones, a Lapis Lazuli one isn’t particularly hard. It sits between five and six on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it can chip and scratch if you aren’t careful with it. You can avoid denting or damaging it if you store your silver ring with Lapis Lazuli on a soft surface.

It’s also a good idea to keep it out of any chemical’s reach, even those designed to clean jewelry pieces. If you want to clean your Lapis Lazuli ring, all you have to do is dip a soft cloth in warm water and wipe it. However, don’t forget to dry it afterward as this stone can absorb water. Even a toothbrush isn’t advisable as it might be too harsh with this vintage piece of jewelry.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know most of the Lapis Lazuli’s essentials and the proper way to wear a silver ring with it, you can enjoy its simple yet interesting classic look.

This blue metamorphic rock is unique because it can stand out from other natural stones thanks to its gorgeous deep blue hue and gold accents. It also has a significant meaning in several cultures that associate it with virtues such as strength, courage, wisdom, and truth. Some even consider that it has healing properties and place importance on how you wear the stone.

Overall, a silver ring with Lapis is the ideal vintage jewelry piece to layer with other semi-precious rocks and complement light-colored clothes. Buy one and enjoy pairing it up with your attires and other jewelry pieces!