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One might have gone through life believing that lapis lazuli was a gemstone. However, lapis is considered a rock that has gone through a metamorphosis.

This kind of gem is dark blue in hue. It ranges from dark blue to varying shades of violet and green. It is said that looking at a lapis is similar to watching an ocean. Lapis is found in a variety of different jewels including earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets. It is also believed that the lapis is known to have powers for healing, and the metamorphic rock has been deemed a good luck charm.

Lapis History and Where to Find it

The origins of lapis date back almost 6,000 years. The jewel had been used by kings and queens to craft scarab beetles for their sarcophagus. It was also used as makeup for the females, namely the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Lapis is found in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. The rock can be mined in Canada as well.

Is Lapis Expensive?

The lapis jewel is relatively inexpensive. However, lapis that is fine-tuned by professional jewelry cutters can rank high on the list of expensive jewels.

You can find lapis silver jewelry anywhere. Just like any other fine quality jewelry, you must use caution when shopping for it. There are imitation artists that use look-a-like jewelry to con unsuspecting patrons out of their money.

Go for the Lapis Ring

Humans use their hands to speak, so it comes as no surprise if you want your hands to be striking yet subtle at nearly the same time, you should choose a lapis ring. The color of the lapis in the ring is an intense shade of blue. Most lapis rings contain sporadic flecks of color. This form of jewelry can bring an outfit together. It is either the item that makes the outfit sizzle or it is the added statement piece. To craft the lapis silver ring, the stone itself is set in a silver band, so as to keep the stone from moving around and potentially falling off. You can often see rings that have multiple lapis jewels embedded within them.

No Other Earring Can Compare to Lapis Earrings

Lapis earrings are beautiful. They are handmade using sterling silver to form the hook that allows the earrings to hang free, especially if you are into the hoops and dangling kind of earrings. These styles are wonderful for casual and formal occasions alike. Lapis earrings are also available as studs. Studded lapis earrings come in handy. They are convenient for those who do not prefer earrings swinging and hitting the side of the face much like the hoops and dangling earrings often do.

Lapis stones can be looped onto a silver wire and made into an interesting design.

Choose the Lapis Bracelet

Why don’t you gift a lapis bracelet to one of your friends or a family member? The lapis bracelet is made in a variety of forms, and to suit your needs depending on what your style is. The lapis silver bracelet can be chunky banded. It might also be placed on leather wrist bands. Lapis stones can get fed onto a wire. It is then shaped and ready to wear. Bracelets can help your work outfit pop, and they draw the attention of those paying enough attention to you to glance at the lapis bracelet. Something to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a lapis bracelet is that sweating can occur as a result of wearing the wide-banded bracelets, especially if it is a sold band with no breathing room.

Lapis Pendants are Gorgeous

You have probably heard the many stories or myths surrounding a lapis. Investing in a lapis pendant is a wise choice when deciding how to accentuate your wardrobe. The lapis silver pendant is a fashion statement. Pendants can draw the attention of anyone within range of you to your neck. Pendants are also available in different sizes and lengths. A lapis silver pendant can be paired with a casual white-collar button-up shirt with bottoms of your choosing.

What is the Difference Between Real and Fake Lapis?

It was mentioned before that lapis, real lapis, that is, looks as if you are staring into a huge body of water. When you are shopping for lapis jewelry, this is one detail that you should remember to prevent yourself from buying the wrong jewel. Artificial lapis can be identified by the uniform blue color. Authentic lapis has flecks of gold as well as white specks while there are none on the artificial gem.

What Else Should I Know About Lapis Jewelry?

Lapis has been utilized by many significant figures over the last couple of centuries. The lapis stone has been said to harbor energy and powers that improve courage and offers protection. It is also believed that the lapis helps to open the third eye of anyone who wears it. It has been worn by kings and queens alike as well. Many Egyptians and Babylonians wore lapis to signify wisdom.

This gemstone is a beautiful mineral that when crafted well transforms into a significant stone. State-of-the-art jewelry, lapis can be worn with most if not all outfits. Paying attention to differences you might notice in varying jewelry can help you weed out the fake lapis jewelry from the real kind. If you are on the spiritual rollercoaster keep in mind that lapis has been associated with physical, mental, and emotional health.